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Coastal Drug Company’s medication synchronization program, also called med sync, is designed to streamline and simplify medication management for patients by synchronizing all of a patient’s prescriptions to be filled once monthly or once every 3 months, if insurance allows, and providing the ongoing service of refilling those prescriptions for your convenience.


  • Orders are processed by live staff members, not a computer
  • No harassing phone calls throughout the month
  • Increased convenience – a single monthly or 3-month trip to the pharmacy
  • Reduced phone calls to the pharmacy – because we will already schedule your refills
  • Peace of mind in getting all of your medications on time and in one order
  • More individual interaction with your pharmacist to voice out your concerns and ask about your medications
  • Our pharmacy will work ahead to make sure that you have refills for your medications

Stop by the pharmacy today to speak with a staff member on how we can set you up on our med sync program!